Fishing Report for September.

Fishing Report for September.

September Wellington Fishing Report
Fisho’s, the seasons they are a changing and the favourable weather windows have been few and far between of late. This has seen limited opportunities on offer to get out there after em.

The harbour is currently teaming with Gurnard. Off the rocks in Evans Bay or out in the boat at the harbour entrance there have been good numbers being caught. The Wild Blue Gurnard rigs have been doing the damage complimented by pilchard/Trevally cubes as the hot bait option. Targeting the humble sea carrot on the change of light or as the tide slows has been proving to be the most fruitful at this time of year.

The water is slowly starting to get warmer, if you consider 13 degrees warmer, and with that the Moki are starting to make an apperance for those of us surfcasters who target them.

The Kahawai are still chasing the whitebait around in the harbour and inshore waters. Taking time to track down the workups is going to pay dividends for sourcing a feed of this underrated table and sport fish. For the lucky few also, there have been the odd stray Kingy and/or Trevally stalking these same bait balls. Light yellow, white and sliver coloured lures mimicking the bait are the ticket for eliciting interest from these hard fighting pelagic beauties.

Boaties on the west coast have caught a surprising amount of snapper on slow jigs. The Shimano Dotera Baku Baku slow jigs have been the weapon of choice awesome on Gurnard too. The orange, pink or black/lumo being the preferred colours.

My favourite kit for fishing this time of year is a soft tip 5-8kg rod with a 4000 -5000 size spin reel spooled with 15-20 braid. Two great sets are the Shimano aqua tip 5-8kg rod with a Shimano Seinna 4000 (at the entry level). Or the Shimano 2 piece 5-10kg Shadow X with a Shimano 4000 D Baitrunner is a really nice option.

Kingys out at Hunters are still going hard some days but then gone the next. The Savage 130 -160gram Zebra jigs still killing it during the smaller tides! Also, if you are lucky enough to get out wide the big Terakihi and Blue Cod are holding on structure around the 60m -70m mark. With small Puka and Bluenose in the trench, still an option out there in the deep.

Hopefully the spring Norwesters will give us a break here and there and allow us to experience the exciting spring fishing wellington has to offer.

Good luck to all those fishing the first Wellington Surfcasting and Angling Club competition for the season.

Cheers Felix