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The Chug Norris is built to be the best popper ever! We believe it embodies all of the best characteristics of a popper, and we've spent years of experience and work building what we believe is the ideal popper shape. It makes that great thumping 'pop' as the cup touches the waters surface, and it was designed to take the least amount of effort to obtain maximum effects. It adheres to the water's surface, decreasing popper tumble, and casts like a bullet. When submerged, the Chug Norris has an amazing swimming movement that makes fish go crazy.

The ultra-deep cup face, which is round at the bottom and square at the top, and the curving body contours may go unnoticed at first, but they are what distinguish this lure.

Built with a revolutionary HD ABS plastic that has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any lure-making material available. The 180mm/120g size has a thicker outer shell and a stainless steel metal plate, and the body is then filled with foam for further strength and durability. The smaller 120mm/40g model keeps the extra thick outer shell and has a stainless steel through wired design that we've tested to be the toughest on the market. This lure may be even tougher than the man after whom it was named. We believe you'll enjoy it!
All Nomad Design lures are equipped with high-quality, super-strong BKK hooks that have been carefully selected to balance well with each lure and deliver excellent swimming action and hookup rates for all species. With confidence, Nomad Design Lures can be fished right out of the box.

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