Kiwi Tackle Longcast

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Kiwi Tackle Longcast

Kiwi Tackle Longcast Rig With Imp Clip.The Imp Clip Rig is ideal for casting bigger baits and releases itself when the sinker hits the water. Bait clips such as the Imp Clip minimises bait damage during the cast, boost distance and guarantee a clean release when the cast lands. Ideal for Snapper, Kahawai, Trevally, Moki, Spotty Sharks etc.

Kiwi Tackle 2 x Longcast D Crabber Float Traces.

The D Crabber float trace is specially designed to keep your bait off the sea bed to stop crabs from eating your carefully prepared bait. This trace can be used on it own, or can also clip on to Kiwi Tackles Longcast Rig.

Kiwi Tackle is made by a local angler who has been fishing for more than 40 years - since he was a youngster! Bernhardt is an active member of the Wellington Surfcasting And Angling Club and has been able to use his extensive fishing experience to make his own tried, tested and trusted Kiwi Tackle range of rigs.