Reel Maintenance

How can I keep my reel from becoming damaged while it's in use?
Saltwater is your most dangerous foe, followed by sand and dirt. Make every effort to avoid getting seawater or sand on or into your gear. Rather than laying your reel in the sand, cradle it in your arm. To avoid being exposed to salt spray while on a boat, put your things away.

Is it necessary for me to maintain my reel once I've used it?
Without a doubt. Simple maintenance will help to extend the life of your reel and guarantee that it continues to work at its best.

How frequently should I clean my reel?
If you fish in saltwater, you will almost certainly get little amounts of salt on your gear, and what you do next is crucial. Allowing it to sit on your gear can lead to a slew of issues. Washing your gear after every session, whether you're fishing in freshwater or saltwater.

What's the best way to clean my reel?
A gentle spray of freshwater to wash away saltwater is the best defense against it. To prevent water from polluting the drag stack, tighten the drag. Spray the outer surfaces of the reel with a little mist using a spray bottle. You can also wipe away salty residue with a moist towel. Shake and wind the reel to eliminate any remaining moisture, then oscillate any moving parts before drying it with a cloth. After the reel has dried and surface impurities have been removed, a small layer of synthetic lubricant, such as CRC High Performance Multilube Gel, can be brushed down on the exterior to prevent surface corrosion and/or degradation. Finally, release the drag stack to avoid compressing the drag washers, and air dry the reel out in the open.

What if my reel is entirely submerged in Fresh or saltwater?
If your reel has been exposed to saltwater, do the following procedures as soon as possible:

  • Using a hose, spray the reel with fresh water.
  • Remove any surplus water with a shake.
  • As quickly as feasible, have the reel stripped and rebuilt by us (be sure to advise that the reel has been submerged). Within days, saltwater could begin to corrode reel components.

On my reel, can I use Penetrating Lubricant Sprays?
Aerosol-style penetrating lubricant sprays should not be used directly on or in any reels. These sprays have a propensity to hurt the reel in the long run more than any short-term benefits they may provide. These sprays disintegrate and remove the grease from inside bearings and gears, leaving them dry and vulnerable to long-term corrosion.

Should I lubricate my reel?
Oils should not be used on reels' internal mechanical parts since they will weaken the grease lubrication on the bearings and gears. 

  • Bearings in the handle knobs of all reels.
  • Spinning reel line roller bearings.
  • Baitcast reel spool bearings.

Oil can be used routinely in certain conditions, but only in little amounts. For each bearing, one drop is more than enough; any more would be a waste. It's important to note that putting oil down the main shaft of a spinning reel is the most prevalent cause of a slipping anti-reverse.