Rod & Reel Repairs


Download our repair form here.

We are able to service most main stream brands of rods and reels.

A full reel service involves stripping the reel down, cleaning all parts, removing the old lubricant and dirt and replacing with new oil and grease as needed. Should the reel need parts, subject to availability, the cost of the parts are extra, however the cost of fitting the parts is included in the service fee.

Parts are readily available for current models of Shimano, Penn, Okuma, Daiwa. All of these brands offer excellent parts and warranty services, and customer satisfaction is important to both us as the retailer, and to the wholesalers, who will always endeavour to resolve customer’s problems satisfactorily. We are unable to get parts for some brands of reels imported into New Zealand for sale direct to the public.

We are able to replace both tips and guides on rods and have a good range in stock. We are also able to repair rotating reel seats, gimbal butts and some kinds of structural damage. We assess the condition and quantities of line on spools and will advise if replacement or topping up the level of line on spool is recommended.

We can fully refurbish your favorite rods with all new guides, or refurbish Granddad's heirloom rods. We use quality components combined with forty years of experience to ensure a high standard of workmanship. We will always advise you if the cost of the repair exceeds the value of the rod or reel so you can make an informed decisions regarding whether or not you wish to proceed with the repair.

We offer a free line spooling service for nylon or braid.

The cost of a full reel service starts at $45.00 and is up to $85.00 for Game Reels depending on reel size.

Pricing Guide

Spinning Reels up to 4000 size - $50.00

Casting Reels over 4000 Size - $55.00

Penn 320 and 330GTI - $45.00

2 speed Reels sizes 20 & 30 - $65.00

Gold Game Reels size 30, 50, 80 and 2 Speeds - $85.00

All other reels $55.00

Some reels may have an additional $10.00 cleaning fee added if full of salt.

To replace a rod tip is $21 plus the cost of the tip.

To replace a guide with binding and flex coat is $25.00 plus cost of the guide and then fitting $15.00 plus the cost of the guide each guide thereafter.
To repair rotating reel seats, replace gimbals etc. is price on application, please phone or email us to discuss. Our standard shipping fee of $7.90 applies to all repairs being returned to the customer, excluding repairs picked up from the shop.

If you are sending in an item for repair, please insure that you supply contact details including name, address, contact number / email address and a brief description of what the problem is.

To make it easy, just print out our easy to use repair form below.

Download our repair form here.