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The Surf 8K, Okuma's brand new idea of long casting spinning reel for 2018, not only keeps Okuma's patent designs including rotor brake system, rotor with brush shields, and quick-set anti-reverse system...... but also improves all functions and parts. Surf's 8K precision worm shaft transmission and super slow oscillation mechanisms help the line wind straighter and tighter during casting, reducing friction. The tapered spool provides minimum resistance for effortless line release, allowing you to cast further.

 -Anti-reverse roller bearing with quick set
- CFR rotor for cyclonic flow
- System of slow oscillation
- Drag-and-drop system
- Line clickers with two stainless steel lines
- Worm shaft transmission system with high precision
- Brake system with rotors
- Watertight drag seal with hydro block
- With the use of carbon washers
- TPE ergo grip on precision zinc handle arm

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