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**For the color selection please call 043845105 **

The Riptide is the Nomad Design's flagship model. On models across the range, the exclusive Nomad Design Matrix Metal Plate, HD-ABS, Gorilla Through Wire, and HD Foam systems are featured.

The floating variant is precisely balanced to produce a dynamic, strike-inducing 'S' shaped swimming action. A lengthy sweep of the rod tip causes the lure's head to splash under, then a seductive body roll and 'S' wave movement is imparted sub-surface as the water runs over the lure's body.

Internal weights are inserted in the sinking variety to improve casting while also allowing the lure to be recovered with a subsurface walk the dog movement, which allows the lure to turn almost 180 degrees when retrieved slowly with a "twitching" rod tip action.

The Riptide 105mm fast-sink lure was designed to be a long-casting, fast-sinking bait that can be used in harsh conditions or when you need to get down deeper in the water column. The 105mm Riptide has the same swimming movement as the other sizes of Riptide, making it ideal for shallow-water predatory fish like Snapper.

The Riptide's extra thick stainless steel metal plate on the 155mm, 200mm, and 265mm models, along with the foam-filled body, ensures that no matter what you do to it, it will come back for more, and is up to any task.

All Riptide lures have a triple layer clear coat finish that is done by hand during manufacture, making the paint and finish extremely strong and durable. It means the paint won't flake off in chunks when toothy fish bite the lures, resulting in a lure that looks better for longer.

*The Riptide 265mm comes with no rigging. On the belly, rig 2 x 12/0 BKK DEEP 6X hooks back to back, and on the tail, rig a BKK DEEP 6X size 12/0 with double split rings. A pair of 7/0 BKK GT Rex barbless trebles should be used as an alternative.

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