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ULTEGRA CI4+ 14000XTC Surf

ULTEGRA CI4+ 14000XTC Surf

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The Ultegra C14+ XT-C 14000 Is Shimano's flagship surf casting spin reel, and has upgraded to 04+ rotor and body which delivers a surf reel that is substantially lighter to hold, yet stronger and more rigid at the same time.
X-Ship provides better gearing and power, while the Aero Wrap II oscillation system delivers uniform line lay on It's big pit AR-C spool, so casting accurately to distant gutters and structure has never been easier.
This reel also comes with a spare spool and 3 different spool reducers in sizes 10000, 6000 and 3500 meaning you can have either different line weights or lengths suited to your style of fishing.
From elephant fish to kahawai to trophy snapper and kingfish the Shimano Ultegra C14+ XT-C has It covered.

ULCI414000XTC - ULTEGRA Ci4 14000 XTC 103 cm 5+1 20 kg 10 kg / 300 m FRONT 540 g 50 lbs / 590 yds



HAGANE Gear is at the very heart of the reel and creates strength and durability. The entire cold-forging process is calculated in minute detail by special 30 design and the result is precision durability.

By supporting the pinion gear on both ends with our S-ARB bearings and integrating a bigger drive gear, Shimano increased the gearing efficiency and power. This results in a fishing reel with ultra- light handle rotation, giving a perfect rotation even under heavy toads. 

Shimano New Zealand provides a TEN YEAR WARRANTY on all Shimano fishing reels, against defects in materials and/or faulty workmanship. 

Through tens of thousands of casting tests and computer simulations it has been determined that this new AR-C spoollip design provides longer casting distances than a standard spoollip design while preventing backlashes and wind knots from forming. It also allows the line to flow off the spool in smaller loops during the cast, which means less slap on the stripper guide. This means longer casts.

 Carbon Interfusion 4(valence electrons) is a graphite body material that has been reinforced with carbon fiber. Lighter than Magnesium, yet strong enough to cope with the stresses of saltwater fishing.


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